What Does Hydronic Heating Mean?

hydronic heating

What Does Hydronic Heating Mean?

Hydronic heating is a form of heating that is quiet, energy-efficient, and will keep your household comfortable through the winter. Hydronic heating is understood to be a home heating system that uses tubing to run a hot liquid beneath the floor, along baseboard heaters, or through radiators. This is done in order to heat the home. Radiant heating is another name for hydronic heating. It has become more and more popular for family households that want more control in their heating zones. As a result, more energy savings can be manifested.

How Long Does Hydronic Heating Last?

Are you wondering how long your hydronic heating system will last? Hydronic heating systems will last twenty years or longer, depending on the product, how it is installed, and how much maintenance is reserved for the heating system over the years. Some experts estimate that hydronic heating systems have a range of ten to twenty years.

Can Hydronic Heating Be Used to Cool?

Hydronic heating is wonderfully efficient for household heating purposes. But what of the hydronic system’s ability to cool the home? Believe it or not, most hydronic systems supply both heating and cooling options. The hydronic cooling process will be very similar to the heating process. Cold water will be the main method utilized to cool the walls of the household. According to leading experts in the industry, the cooling process is far more efficient than traditional air conditioning systems.

Is Hydronic Heating More Efficient than Forced Air?

According to a leading website that specializes in heating systems, water is a better heat transfer medium than air. This means that the hydronic heating process is more energy-efficient than forced air systems. This is important to recognize if you are interested in maximizing the energy-efficiency of your household.

Does Hydronic Heating Use Electricity?

Due to the fact that the principal fuel sources for heating stem from gas and electricity, many homeowners are surprised to find that hydronic (liquid-based) systems only use a little electricity. This can be seen as a benefit for households that are off the power grid or if they are located in areas with high electricity prices.

How Hydronic Heating Works

Are you wondering how hydronic heating works? If so, please review the following bullet-pointed list to discover more.

  • The hydronic system is capable of simply heating water and moving it through sealed pipes to radiators throughout the household.
  • During this process, the water is heated at a principle source. This principle source will be at an energy-efficient gas boiler. 
  • After the water is returned, it will be reheated through the recirculating system.

What is Hydronic Heating Boilers

There is a lot of terminology to be aware of when it comes to hydronic heating. One of these terms relates to hydronic heating boilers. A hydronic heat boiler will warm your house using hot water. Furnaces use hot air to heat a home, conversely. Boilers heat but don’t actually boil water. The water will then be dispersed as either hot liquid or steam through pipes to radiators, coils, or radiant floor systems. 

Hydronic Heating Near Me

If you are looking for hydronic heating near you, you do have a list of viable ways for you to locate a responsive plumbing and heating company. The first thing that you can do is ask a friend or neighbor for a referral. After receiving the referral, you can call the company, and review their services and set up an appointment. Alternatively, you can also use your smartphone or smart device to use Google maps to locate plumbing and heating services near you. If you type in the search term, “hydronic heating near me,” you will be pleased to discover that a host of companies will pop up on your screen. Review the services and reviews in order to determine if a company is a right fit for you.

hydronic heating

Hydronic Heating Supplies Near Me

Your responsible plumbing company will always use the best supplies available for hydronic heating purposes. This includes the right tools, materials, and supplies. There are many different companies that sell such supplies. The supply chain for plumbers will focus on quality. The better the materials used, the longer you can expect for your hydronic heating system to function. Supplies for your hydronic and radiant system include circulator pumps, boilers, zone valves, controls, and more. Each of these items should be properly installed by a professional plumber who is skilled, with many years of experience. With an excellently installed hydronic heating system, you will enjoy immeasurable comfort for many years to come.

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