Clogged Drain Cleaning

We Can Easily Treat A Clogged Drain!

A clogged drain doesn’t sound like a big deal, but try telling that to someone who has recently dealt with one. In an optimal situation, you can simply bring the plunger into the mix and be done with the whole mess. However, there are many times when DIY fixes won’t actually correct the issue. If you are experiencing a clogged drain cleaning in Somerset, MA, call Wicked Plumbing at (508) 272-1196 today!

What Can You Do With Clogged Drains?

There are many times when a drain becomes clogged and the professionals need to be called into action. Luckily for residents of Massachusetts and Rhode Island, there is no finer professional available than those at Wicked Plumbing.

We provide the highest level of service when it comes to all varieties of plumbing repairs. In addition to clogged drains, we also handle things like hot water repairs, water filtration systems, and so much more. We want to be the name that you think of for all of your repair needs.

The term ‘clogged drain’ can sometimes be vague. There are typically three different types of clogged drains that you will run into shower drains, sink drains, and toilets. Each of them brings their own different set of problems and is caused by a variety of different things.

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Your Drains Don’t Have To Be A Big Hassle

Clogged shower drains, this is typically a result of a buildup of hair and soap scum. If you are not diligent in preventing hair and other things from going down the drain, and you do not regularly clean your drains, these things can build up, leaving you with water in your tub that won’t drain properly.

When it comes to sinks or garbage disposals, the clog can be caused by a wide array of things. For disposal, a backup of food scraps can lead to clogging whereas, in a bathroom sink, it can be again caused by things like hair or general waste. Not letting these things build up is imperative to prevent clogging.

As for toilets, well, we all know the mess that can be involved with those. The best way to prevent clogging is a little bit of preventative maintenance. Ensure that nothing out of the usual is being flushed down your toilet, and regularly clean it to make sure that there is not a build-up of debris.

Make the call today to schedule your appointment with Wicked Plumbing when you need clogged drain cleaning in Somerset, MA at (508) 272-1196. Our experienced and dedicated technicians will work diligently to get those clogs cleaned out quickly and efficiently so that you can get back to using your drains like normal once again.