Can a Mini Split Heat a Whole House?

A Woman Turns on Mini Split Heating System.

Can a mini split heat a whole house?

If you are thinking about having a mini split heating system installed in your home, the big question you’ll want to know is, “Can a mini split heat a whole house?” These systems are often used as supplemental heating, but they are also capable of heating a whole house. Most new mini split systems have high-efficiency components and advanced features that make them as powerful as standard duct systems. They will be able to meet the demands required of heating and cooling a whole home. Of course, as with other systems, you have to make sure the heating system you install is large enough to manage your whole home. If you install too small of a system, you’ll run into serious problems, including excessive wear and tear on components that will lead to early replacement. If you are looking for experts at installing and maintaining mini split heating systems in Somerset, MA, the team to turn to is the one at Wicked Plumbing. We can help you with all your heating and cooling as well as plumbing needs. Schedule a service call with us by calling (508) 272-1196.

What is mini split heating and cooling

While most central heating systems require a system of ducts to move air through the house, a mini split system is ductless. With a mini split system, you can control temperatures in individual rooms, which can save you on utility bills. These systems are made up of two components, an outdoor compressor/condenser and an indoor air handling or evaporator unit. They are easy to install because they aren’t attached to ductwork. Instead the indoor and outdoor units are linked by a single conduit housing everything from the communication cables to the copper tubing and drain lines. They can be used as a primary heat source or as a supplemental source.

How does a mini split heating system work

Mini split heating systems are force-air systems like central heating, only they require no ducts to circulate the air whether heating or cooling. They essentially function like a cross between heat pump and a window unit. When they are working as an air conditioner, they draw warm air from inside and push it outside. When it heats, it draws cool air from the inside and pushes it outside. Much of the work is performed by the air handlers inside the home. They contain the evaporator coils and blowers like other heating systems. The rest of the work is done by an outdoor unit which houses the compressor/condenser. 

How efficient are mini splits for heating?

Mini split heating systems are highly energy efficient. They use 60% less energy than standard HVAC systems. One reason they are so efficient is that individuals manage the temperature in each room of the home. You only need to heat or cool the areas you want to heat or cool. Because they are so efficient, you can cut costs by as much as 30%.

How long do mini splits last?

Not only is mini split heating energy efficient, it also has a long lifespan. With proper maintenance, a mini split can last up to 20 years, much better than the 12 to 15 years that a standard system lasts. Again, as with a regular system, you have to take care of the system properly with regularly scheduled maintenance.

Mini split heating in cold climate

Mini split heating is perfect for a cold climate like Somerset, MA. While they are more common in warmer climates, the mini split will still work well in a cold climate. That’s because, believe it or not, warm air exists even on the coldest day.

Best mini split for heating

While there are many mini split heating systems on the market today, several brands and models consistently get high reviews. Among the best include:

  • LG Multi VS
  • Friedrich J Series
  • Fujitsu General Halcyon
  • Daikin MXS Series
  • Mitsubishi MXZ Series

Why is my mini split not heating?

Of course, as with standard systems, mini split heating systems will have problems from time to time, especially if it isn’t properly cared for. One thing to check is to see if the system is set for heating. These systems do not automatically set for heating or cooling. You will need to manually switch the system. The temperature setting also needs to be set 10 degrees higher than the indoor temperature. You may also have a problem with the 4-way valve that manages the refrigerant flow in the system. If you’ve tested other issues, this may be the problem. The valve may need to be repaired or replaced. Other problems that may occur causing the heat to not come on include refrigerant leaks, or a component like the blower motor has gone out. Consult with a professional anytime you have a problem with your system.

Outdoor Unit of Mini Split

Should a mini split run all the time?

Unlike central heat and air, mini split heating tends to run for a long time when switched on. This is usually normal for the system as it adjusts the air temperature in the home. Often, the system is not running at full capacity because the temperature is adjusted. 

If you have mini split heating in Somerset, MA and you think it may be malfunctioning or you just want to get it serviced, the team to reach out to for repair or replacement is the one at Wicked Plumbing. We provide a wide range of heating and plumbing solutions. Call us today at (508) 272-1196 for assistance.