What Is The Most Common Problem With Water Heaters?

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What are the signs that your hot water heater is going out?

The water heater. Always there, always providing that hot water for a morning shower or a pre-bedtime bubble bath soak. Until it isn’t working anyway. Yes, even the water heater is an appliance that has a limited lifespan, and like any other type of appliance, they seem to quit at the most inopportune time. So, it is water heater repair or replacement? 

Personally, the three times in my life that my water heater went caput, we replaced it. However, there are some issues with a water heater, repairs are possible and much less expensive.  Having a plumbing contractor check the unit first and they will discuss the options of water heater repair and replacement if there is an option. 

If you’re asking this, good chance in the back of your mind, you fear this is about to happen, right? Since most people never give their water heater a second thought, why would you even be asking this question? Here we have a few indicating telltale signs you should be concerned that you may need water heater repair or a new water heater cause the current one is calling it quits: 

  • Water Quality: Has the water quality dropped recently? Turn on the faucet and inspect the hot water. If you’re seeing debris like minerals and sediment, the bottom of the tan is getting filled up and it has no place to go but through your faucets. The water may be muddy or rusty looking, have an odd odor, and may taste like metal. 
  • Leaking: When there is leaking around a water heater, it normally isn’t a good thing. Sometimes, it could be the water connection has loosened, but honestly, where the connections are on a water heater, somebody would have to turn the connection. It is more likely the tank has a leak and if you don’t get a water heater repair or replacement soon, you’re going to have a big mess. 
  • Temperature Inconsistent: Is difficult to control the temperature of the hot water? Sometimes it’s extremely too hot and the next time it barely gets warms? Inconsistent water temperature is an indication that your water heater is going out although, a professional plumbing contractor may be able to do a water heater repair and get you a couple of more months on this one.
  • Long Time Heating Up: When it is taking forever to get hot water in that shower every morning, water heater repair is possible by replacing the heating element or the thermostat. Or it could be the tank is full of sediment and a water heater repair would consist of flushing it, hopefully that will help. If not, time to replace the unit. 
  • Noises: If your water heater is making more than usual noises, it is trying to tell you something. You can attempt a water heater repair of flushing it out and getting that sediments out of the tank could be the answer. Or if your water heater is more than 10 years old, it may be time for a replacement. 
  • Age: Wine improves with time, water heaters don’t. This is a mechanical appliance and even if you have the highest quality and have kept it well-maintained, it isn’t going to last forever. At 10 to 15 years, any of the things we’ve listed here are indications that water heater repair is probably too late. 

What is the most common problem with water heaters?

The four most common problems that plumbers hear about when a homeowner is looking for water heater repair instead of replacement:  

Water temperature – There are 3 water temperature issues that people haves. It’s cold. It’s not hot enough. It’s too hot. 

Leaking – There are several reason why a water heater may leak, including:

  • a faulty T&P relief valve.
  • the water pressure. 
  • it is overheating.
  • a valve is stuck.
  • a plumbing connection is loose
  • heating element bolts are loose
  • gasket has gone bad
  • the tank has a leak

Discolored water – The water coming out is muddy or rusty looking. A water heater repair that can fix this is to replace the anode rod or flush the tank.

Noises – This is from a build-up of sediment in the bottom of the tank. Flushing the tank is a possible water heater repair that will stop the noise. 

How do I fix my water heater?

When you have problems with your electric water heater, there is a chance you can do your own water heater repair for some issues. Read on to find out what and how: 

  • No Hot Water: Could be the breaker or the heating element. First check the breaker and if it is flipped off, flip it back on, wait 30 minutes and see if fixed it. If not, water heater repair will be replacing the heating element. 
  • Insufficient Hot Water: This may not be a water heater repair issue at all. It may be your water heater isn’t large enough to meet the demands of your household. Upgrade to a larger unit, install low-flow water fixtures.
  • Too Hot: Adjust the thermostat to a lower setting.
  • Water Leaking: A possible water heater repair could be checking the water connections or replace the T&P valve. If the water leaking is coming from the tank, then that will need a water heater replacement. 
  • Colored, Smelly Water: When the water is coming out muddy, rusty looking and/or has an odor, then the water tank is full of sediment. You can attempt a water heater repair by flushing it out, but depending on long that has been happening, you may be looking at a replacement. 
  • Noisy: A noisy water heater isn’t a necessarily a bad thing, they all make some noise, but if it is getting louder with a low rumble or popping sounds, maybe a high pitch whine, try to flush the tank. If that water repair effort doesn’t help, you’ll need to replace the unit. 

How often should you drain your water heater?

The average home needs the water heater flushed once a year. Where the water is extremely hard, you may need to do this twice a year or more. 

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Should I replace my 15-year-old water heater?

If you’re not experiencing any of the problems we’ve discussed here, then no. While the average age is 10 to 12 years, a water heater can last up to 20 years before it begins to fail. If you’ve had water heater repairs done in the past 5 years, then yes, it may be time to replace it. At 10 year old, hot water heater repair parts are harder to find and become more costly.

If you’re water heater has quit, doing an internet search for professional how water heater repair near me or professional hot water heater repair charlotte nc. You’ll get a list of several plumbers that can give you estimates. Compare a couple of them if you’re not without hot water, but if you have no hot water you may not have that option. Call (508) 272-1196 today for your water heater installation in Somerset, MA.